Malaga another beautiful city in Spain.

A Passionate Perspective.

Málaga is a beautiful port city in the Andalusia region of Spain. The city streets are beautifully crafted with diverse architecture styles influenced from the Moorish, Renaissance, and Gothic time periods. With friendly and happy smiles all around I knew that I will really enjoy my time in Málaga. This city is the perfect combination of beach, city, and great night life for any budget traveler. With the great weather all around, cheap rent, and a great community Málaga has attracted a great number of expats to retire there. It seems to me that Málaga is the Florida of Spain!

Streets of Malaga

Luckily enough, my good friend’s student lives in Málaga, so we were able to explore and wine and dine like a local! Since we were there during the Holy Week “Semana Santa” the streets were full of visitors and to avoid all the chaos, our “guide” led us to a local bodega. There…

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Ruben Dario- Father of Modernist Poetry

 Ruben Dario  marks an important shift in the relationship between literary Europe and America. Before him, American literary trends had largely followed European ones; however, Darío was clearly the international vanguard of the Modernist Movement. The poetry we read now in the twentieth  century is a mixture of Modernism and Post Modernism. Modernist elements include 1)experimentation … Continue reading Ruben Dario- Father of Modernist Poetry

Why Learn Spanish ?

Who's learning Spanish these days? For starters, residents of the United States, a bunch not known for conquering monolingualism, are studying Spanish in record numbers. Spanish, too, is becoming of greater importance in Europe, where it often the foreign language of choice after English. And it's no wonder that Spanish is a popular second or … Continue reading Why Learn Spanish ?

Arabic Influence on the Spanish Langauge

If you speak either Spanish or English, you probably speak more Arabic than you think you do. It's not "real" Arabic you're speaking, but rather words that come from Arabic. After Latin and English, Arabic is probably the biggest contributor of words to the Spanish language, and a large portion of English-Spanish cognates (words that … Continue reading Arabic Influence on the Spanish Langauge

Learn Spanish with Pop Songstress, Shakira

She's an excellent song writer and lyricist. Through out the years she's evolved from Rocker, Belly Dancer, and now she's in her more diva phase with songs like Gypsy and She Wolf. I personally love her original raspy voice.

Classics Songs of All Time

Here are some songs from within this Classic Latin Music Playlist ( 20 Songs), that I believe are some of the most popular and important songs in Latin Music History and will give you a taste of this beautiful music that I grew up listening to here in America. Also, it will give you a taste of Latin Culture, which is very important if you are learning a language to know just language, but culture, which is one in the same and will help you understand the Spanish language at a deeper level. Enjoy ! Que Gozes !