Learn Spanish with Pop Songstress, Shakira

Shakira, the Colombian chanteuse became the world’s biggest Latin crossover artist with her hit album Laundry Service in 2001. Born to parents of Colombian and Lebanese decent, Shakira Mebarak discovered her love of singing and at very young age. The rest is history.

She’s an excellent song writer and lyricist. Through out the years she’s evolved from Rocker, Belly Dancer, and now she’s in her more diva phase with songs like Gypsy and She Wolf. I personally love her original raspy voice. She sang the soundtrack for the movie, ” Love in the Time of Cholera”. The haunting lyrics of Hay Amores and Despedida. Here are a few songs to see for yourself.

Donde Estas Corazon ? 

Shakira Playlist with over 10 of her most popular songs, please, see below for links to her lyrics

I find  listening to Spanish music an excellent way to learn Spanish. It’s great to hear the song first in Spanish, and then read the lyrics once in Spanish. Next, study the lyrics in English, then, listen to the song again, and see if you don’t have a better understanding. Here are some song lyrics below with the Spanish lyrics, and then the English Translation below.

        Shakira’s Song Lyrics:

For lyrics in English, please contact me and I will send you the Pdf File.


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