Canción Semanal- “Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo”

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, The Secret and Creative Visualization? These are areas in modern psychology that have been developed with success in the last decades.  Daysi Cerrara, international speaker, songwriter, therapist and life counselor has created this new song, hence has also created a new genre of music,

Listen to this very POSITIVE SONG,  ” Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo”, Positive Attracts the Positive. There are so many beautiful uplifting songs in Spanish, that I decided to dedicate every week to a NEW song

Very Catchy song with beautiful lyrics on the video,  you can dance to. A  GREAT way to start your day !! Bien, Bien, Energia positiva !

“Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo, yo me concentro en eso en cambio mi camino.”



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