Learn Spanish Through Poetry of Pablo Neruda and Garcia Lorca

A great way to learn Spanish is through poetry. Hearing the rythym, the cadence, the pauses in between words, the mystery and romance of the Spanish language comes alive. If you don’t know Spanish or your just learning the language, read the English version first and then Spanish. Either way, it will be a good way to understand the nuances and subtleties of the Spanish language. Subsequently, you will have enrichened your knowledge not just of Spanish, but of poetry.

Here are some of my favorite Spanish and Latin American poets that I think you will enjoy.

Neruda– Me Gusta Cuando Callas
<a href=”

Neruda- Puedo Escribir los Versos Mas Triste
Garcia Lorca’s Poem: Verde Que Te Quiero Verde

Ernesto Cardenal

Machado Recita la Poesia de Ruben Dario


I will be having more blogs on Spanish and Latin American Poets in the future.

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