About Sabrina Rongstad de Bravo 


I was born in the United States, however, Spanish is my first language. During my formative language years I lived in Nicaragua on my Grandmother’s ranch for several years. I believe that it was at this time when my love for the Spanish language and culture began.

In High School and College I excelled in Spanish, often winning Spanish Speech Contests. I studied Spanish Literature in College and fell more in love with Spanish poetry, music and culture. In 2003, I trained with Berlitz International. It was then I discovered teaching was my passion when I would walk out of the classroom feeling higher than a kite. I went solo in 2007, with Escuela Español and the rest is history. I have taught people of all ages and backgrounds from starving students to celebrities and their off spring. I have taught in San Francisco, London and again Los Angeles.

I love what I do and every year, I try to take my school, La Escuela Español to a higher level.

About La Escuela de Español-  The Spanish School

Established in 2007.

I was trained with Berlitz in 2003. In 2007, decided to go solo with Escuela Español when I realized how much I loved teaching Spanish. I realize through the years,that  committed students demand much for themselves and stick it out until they get the results they originally desired, hence,  I started to offer Package of Classes in  Private one- on- one settings to maximize student’s learning potential.

After having gone to Culinary school in 2013, I now offer Cooking Classes as part of the Curriculum where you can learn not just learn SPANISH, but a Latin American dish, as well. Check Out My Blog, http://www.sabrinaslatinkitchen.wordpress.com

In 2014, I started teaching Spanish Community Group Classes that focus on Practical elements  like Introductions & ordering food.

In 2015, I held the First Spanish Language Immersion in Nicaragua in Managua, where students enjoy daily Spanish Classes & Field Trips.

I have taught many students in San Francisco, London and now Los Angeles.



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