Culinary Testimonials


When Sabrina came to stay with me in the UK over New Year 2009/10 she cooked me the most wonderful chicken and mushroom soup in the coldest winter we had had in the UK for a generation. But not only that, she took me to the supermarket to source all manner nice things to go in it, some of which I hadn’t heard of before or had never used. She opened my eyes and broadened my horizons of what is possible in the kitchen. Sabrina not only feeds your tummy, she feeds your mind.

Sir John Broadway. Writer/Inventor. Winchester, UK. November 2011.

My husband and I practice a vegan diet. We both love Vegan Paella which is hard to find in vegetarian and Spanish restaurants here and abroad. When I found out that Sabrina combines both Vegan and Spanish Cuisines, I immediately scheduled a culinary class with her. Prior to her arrival we discussed what type of rice, vegetables and spices I should have on hand. Sabrina accompanied me to the Spanish store to purchase the Paella pan as well.

Within the first few minutes of ingredients sautéing in the pan, my olfactory and visual senses were awakened with a jolt! The smell and look of the creation in progress got better as the prep continued. I wanted to taste a little bit quite often and had to sneak a spoon into the pan like a sleuth intruder. Sabrina was very patient answering all my questions and injected humor into the class. We laughed and it was a joyous experience all around. As she explained ‘It’s all in the Soffrito’.

The Paella was the best I’ve ever eaten and feel confident that I can make it myself. I highly recommend Sabrina’s cooking class for anyone who has a hankering for Spanish food.

Karen Gottdenker. Accountant. Berkely, California. October 2011

I have hired Sabrina on a number of occasions to cook for me. Each time she cooks she outdoes herself by creating a succulent dish that’s unique. Eating her food is a treat.

Len Sobil. Advertising Writer. October 14, 2011

Wow, that’s what you call fine dining. That dinner you prepared last week was so amazingly delicious. Your culinary intuition really brought those taste sensations come together nicely. I haven’t had a meal like that since I was at a five star restaurant called, The Sky Room. Thank you for making the effort, it was well worth it.

Mario Bernheim. Film Maker. Author. September 27, 2011

Firstly, Sabrina is a warm and, wonderful story teller. She teaches you not only about Spanish food, but many interesting topics that make her classes exciting and entertaining. You get a blend of historical, nutrition, and anecdotal information along with immense knowledge of food, and cooking combined with lots of hands on learning.But, the best part is the food! You will never eat as well in your life and learn to make such a variety of delicious dishes. You will eat all day long in class and feel richer for having done so. Her classes are fun, interactive and a great way to spend an evening with friends.

Rick Coleman. Architect. September 27, 2011