La Cancion de la Semana: El Arrebato- Toda Va a Salirme Bien

El Arrebato es un cantautor de espana, del genero Pop Flamenco el ha cantado con cantores viejos "old school" como Los Chichos y cantores nuevos como Rosario. This genre of music is Pop Flamenco mixed with Musica de Impacto Positivo. Este genero de musica es mezclada con Musica de Impacto Positivo. Que les disfruten y … Continue reading La Cancion de la Semana: El Arrebato- Toda Va a Salirme Bien


Classics Songs of All Time

Here are some songs from within this Classic Latin Music Playlist ( 20 Songs), that I believe are some of the most popular and important songs in Latin Music History and will give you a taste of this beautiful music that I grew up listening to here in America. Also, it will give you a taste of Latin Culture, which is very important if you are learning a language to know just language, but culture, which is one in the same and will help you understand the Spanish language at a deeper level. Enjoy ! Que Gozes !

Flamenco Dancer

History of Flamenco

Part 1: History of Flamenco Origins of Flamenco: Flamenco is part of the culture of Spain, but it's origins is only select to one region, Andalusia. The cities in Andalucia are Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba,Jerez, and Malaga,and reflect the great Moorish influence,since historically Moors ruled from the 7th to 11th century. What makes flamenco interesting is the … Continue reading History of Flamenco