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  1. Peter says:


    I am in Miami for 6 weeks in the summer from the end of July and was hoping to learn some Spanish while I was there. Please could you send me some more information




    1. Lady Sabrina says:

      Hi Peter!
      Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, I can send you more information. Please call me at (310)927-1294
      or email me for your inquiry: thespanishguru4rockstars@gmail.com
      Also, the email, is on my website as well as my phone number. Im sorry don’t give information here in the Comment section. I am happy to talk to you soon. What is your phone or email address ?



    2. Lady Sabrina says:

      Hello Peter,
      Thank you for your inquiry ! I am happy to talk to you about my availability. I would feel more comfortable if we could speak n person or via email.
      Please contact me via email at thespanishguru4rockstars@gmail.com or call me when you get a chance at (310)927-1294
      Looking forward to speaking to you.


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