Spanish is not a Race but an Identity

Spanish is not a race but an identity. A person from Spain is a "Spaniard" Anybody speaking Spanish and born in any Latin-American country is considered Hispanic or Latin "Hispano or Latino". Since there are many Latin-American countries speaking Spanish, you identify them by their nationality (Argentineans, Colombians, Dominicans, Mexican, Peruvians, Uruguayans, etc). Now, every Latin -American country has its own way to … Continue reading Spanish is not a Race but an Identity

Quechua Sung by Modern Gypsy

  I was walking down the chic street of Lastarriat in Santiago Chile where many artists and sellers perform. I heard this man singing and I stopped in my tracks I had no idea what he was singing or what language, but I had to stop it was so beautiful and raw, at last he … Continue reading Quechua Sung by Modern Gypsy

September is Hispanic Heritage Month

SEPTEMBER IS HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH I have always wondered why Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of September on September 15 -October 15, 2017 It's because September 15th marks the anniversary of Independence from Spain from five Latin American countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Mexico celebrates it's independence on the … Continue reading September is Hispanic Heritage Month