Nicaragua & Costa Rica Immersion this Fall, 2016

I am gong to Nicaragua & Costa Rica in October for 2 weeks,
( October 11th to be exact to October 28th). I have 2 students
( one is a really hot French young man & another cute Latin girl) coming with me and there is still room for 2-3 more people.

There will be Daily Spanish Language Immersion ( 2-3 hours), while you sip on Nicaraguan Coffee underneath the gorgeous flora and stay at Marlene’s Bed and Breakfast (photos are below) and will be going to Trips to the Colonial cities like Granada, Leon and artisanal cities like Masaya. The last night is to celebrate dancing at ” EL CHAMAN” discoteca.

My Mother’s Spanish style house in the heart of Managua-
for more photos & information click here, and click…/study-span…/





Dear Students,
One of the best ways to learn Spanish is through music with this playlist with over 45 videos, you can learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary easily with these fun, upbeat songs from all over the Spanish diaspora. Each video contains a description of the exact Grammar Point that is emphasised within that particular song from Beginner Spanish where you learn the Present Tense, Estar Plus Gerund and Simple Future to more advanced Spanish where you are learning the subjunctive and imperfect Subjunctive. The genre of this playlist ranges the gamut from Rock from Spain with Estopa to Shakira’s arabic overtones to Marc Anthony’s smooth pop melodies.

I look forward singing these upbeat and passionate music with you!



your Professora,
Sabrina Rongstad de Bravo
p.s. If you would like the lyrics in English and Spanish, please send me an email requesting an e-book.

Latin Music- Rock- Pop- Reggaeton- Cumbia- Electric Tango PLAYLIST

Classics Songs of All Time

This playlist has Classic Latin Songs from all over Latin America and Spain. Many of these songs have been covered by famous artist and bands, all over the world. For example, Pedro Infante’s, “Historia de Amor”, which has been one of the most recorded songs in Latin music history “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti”, which has recently been recorded by Christina Aguilera, and the classic song Bamboleo which has been recorded by The Gypsy Kings and Celia Cruz. The music in this playlist runs the gamut: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Flamenco, Tango to the classic Latin Ballads, like ” Besame Mucho”, and ” Guantanamera”, which both have been recorded by the Beatles. This playlist spans a few decades and demonstrates the diversity and soul of Latin music from all over the Spanish Diaspora.

Here are some songs from within this Classic Latin Music Playlist ( 20 Songs), that I believe are some of the most popular and important songs in Latin Music History and will give you a taste of this beautiful music that I grew up listening to here in America. Also, it will give you a taste of Latin Culture, which is very important if you are learning a language to know just language, but culture, which is one in the same and will help you understand the Spanish language at a deeper level. Enjoy ! Que Gozes !

The Song, ” Guantanamera” was a continuation of the poem by Cuban poet and statesman,Jose Marti. It has been covered by all the great artists: Beatles, Sandpipers, and even Julio Iglesias

“Guantanamera” sung by Celia Cruz, Patron singer of Cuba

” Besame Mucho”- Andrea Bocelli

La Cumparsita- Carlos Gardel

” Quien Sera? ” Pedro Infante

” Que Rico El Mambo”- Perez Prado –

Que Gozes !