Canción Semanal- “Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo”

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, The Secret and Creative Visualization? These are areas in modern psychology that have been developed with success in the last decades.  Daysi Cerrara, international speaker, songwriter, therapist and life counselor has created this new song, hence has also created a new genre of music,

Listen to this very POSITIVE SONG,  ” Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo”, Positive Attracts the Positive. There are so many beautiful uplifting songs in Spanish, that I decided to dedicate every week to a NEW song

Very Catchy song with beautiful lyrics on the video,  you can dance to. A  GREAT way to start your day !! Bien, Bien, Energia positiva !

“Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo, yo me concentro en eso en cambio mi camino.”



BBC – Mi Vida Loca- Episodio Tres- Direcciones

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MI VIDA LOCA Spanish for beginners
3. Episodio tres – Kilómetro cero Online video transcript

You arrived in Madrid on your own, but it wasn’t long before you ended up with some company. Now you’re going to
need to understand some directions.
Es la hora de la merienda.
It’s time for ‘la merienda’ (afternoon snack).
¿Quieres comer? ¿’Eat’?
Would you like something to eat?
Tu inesperada anfitriona, Merche, sugirió merendar.
Your surprise host, Merche, suggested a snack.
¡Mira quién es!
Look who it is!
Pero la vecina cotilla os sorprendió y a Merche no le apetecía dar la cara.
But the nosy neighbour surprised you and Merche wasn’t keen to show her face.
Mira, un regalo para ti.
Look, here’s a present for you.
No os quedasteis para partir los bollos
You didn’t stay to cut the cakes
Mejor vamos a salir.
We’d better go out.
y fuisteis a una cafetería en la Plaza de Oriente, donde Merche respondió a una llamada,
and went to a café in ‘la Plaza de Oriente’, where Merche took a phone call,
mientras pedías las bebidas.
while you ordered drinks for both of you.
¡De acuerdo, gracias!
All right, thank you!
Pero alguien hizo que Merche saliera corriendo.
But someone made Merche run off..

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