Canción Semanal- “Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo”

Very Catchy song with beautiful lyrics on the video, you can dance to. A Great way to start your morning. "Lo Positivo Atrae Lo Positivo, yo me concentro en eso en cambio mi camino."


BBC – Mi Vida Loca- Episodio Tres- Direcciones

Click Link Here to Watch Full Mini Video- MI VIDA LOCA Spanish for beginners 3. Episodio tres - Kilómetro cero Online video transcript ______________________________________________________________ You arrived in Madrid on your own, but it wasn't long before you ended up with some company. Now you're going to need to understand some directions. PREVIAMENTE... PREVIOUSLY... MERCHE … Continue reading BBC – Mi Vida Loca- Episodio Tres- Direcciones