BBC – Mi Vida Loca- Episodio Tres- Direcciones

Click Link Here to Watch Full Mini Video- MI VIDA LOCA Spanish for beginners 3. Episodio tres – Kilómetro cero Online video transcript ______________________________________________________________ You arrived in Madrid on your own, but it wasn’t long before you ended up with some company. Now you’re going to need to understand some directions. PREVIAMENTE… PREVIOUSLY… MERCHE…

Classics Songs of All Time

Here are some songs from within this Classic Latin Music Playlist ( 20 Songs), that I believe are some of the most popular and important songs in Latin Music History and will give you a taste of this beautiful music that I grew up listening to here in America. Also, it will give you a taste of Latin Culture, which is very important if you are learning a language to know just language, but culture, which is one in the same and will help you understand the Spanish language at a deeper level. Enjoy ! Que Gozes !