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I studied with Sabrina when she was located in the Bay area.  She made learning Spanish so fun and a night out!!  An extremely charismatic lovely lady she instantly becomes a friend and creates a relaxed but productive environment.  As we would enter cafes she would smile, greet, and speak with many people.  I thought she knew everyone personally but she didn’t.  That is just her style. She takes in the whole place and invites everyone along for the ride. 🙂  You have no idea that your Spanish has improved greatly after an hour.  You just feel like you had a much needed night out.
Sabrina is a wordly renaissance woman.  She writes volumes about

interior decorating, cooking, language, and her extensive travels.  Such a talented lady with so much to share.  

Since I am often in LA I am going to try to get back in classes with her.  For now I enjoy her blogs and e-mails as a way to stay connected. If you need to learn Spanish, definitely contact her!!

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