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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS About La Escuela Espanol 

Question: If I purchase of a package of classes and only take some of the classes, how does that work, will I be able to take the classes at a later point?

Answer: You must inform me within three months of purchase of classes why you had to withdraw from your classes. If I don’t hear from you within three months time, you will forfeit your classes. If I email you a few times and I don’t hear back from you., I will assume you are no longer interested in classes and will not make myself available for you.  If you do inform me within 3 months time,  I will alot another 6 months to begin your classes again. However, you must write me a reinstatement letter stating the reason for withdrawal and when you wish to resume your classes again. If you can not take classes within 6 months time, we can discuss refund. I travel alot and want to make sure that I am available for you.

Question: Is it possible that I can use the money invested in a package of classes towards one of the other services you offer?

Answer: Absolutely, you can use it to take Cooking Classes or take Classes in my language immersion program in Latin America: both Nicaragua and Cuba, respectively. Also, you may use them for translation or tutoring services that I offer. You have up to 3 months from time of purchase to let me know if you have changed your mind about my services and would like to try something else.

Question: What are the requirements to enroll in Spanish classes?

Answer:  There are no requirements, enthusiasm, motivation, commitment, dedication, discipline and desire to learn. Most of my students are mature adults that come to me that have full time jobs and family obligations, so I am quite flexible in meeting student’s half way with their schedules and other responsibilities. Requirements are just to be able to have sufficient amount of time to study (1-4 hours a week) and turn in your assignments in on time via email before our next class together.  I provide some books, but you should be able to have access to online books, links and videos.

Question: Can I use my own books from other classes?

Answer: Since I already have my set Syllabus and books and materials that I use, I prefer to use my own materials. However, if you have any books, you are welcome to use them on your own as a supplement.

Question: Should I have taken Spanish classes before?

Answer: No, you can come to me without having any previous Spanish classes before. That’s the whole purpose is to help people speak Spanish at any level.

Question: What do you expect from your student’s?

Answer:   I expect my student’s to be sufficiently mature, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and responsible about turning in their assignments, scheduling and getting back to me via email. Students should also have some kind of independence about them that they can turn in assignments on time without my prodding them or reminding them to turn them in.  I expect student to follow instructions well, respond to my emails, and if they are taking weekly classes with me to turn in assignments in 6 days from the start of their next class.

Question: Do you give out homework?

Answer: Yes, Homework is given each class.  I usually assign something from the book you are using.  Also, weekly ESSAYS are de riguer and should be turned in via email and should be turned into me within a 6 days. I correct the essays with a detailed letter with notes and suggestions to make your essay better, including more explanations of grammar and send it back to you, within a day or two, in turn, you may correct and revise it, and send it back to me. This way, we have a constant to and fro of communication and dialogue, and learning done via email. If you turn it in the same day at the last minute we have to spend class time correcting it.  I may or may not look at it during class if you email it to me at the last minute, so we may not be able to discuss it until your following class. Don’t print out homework and bring to class, everything is done online in an effort to be eco-friendly, cost and time effective.

Questions: How do you prepare a lesson?

Answer: Your essays that you turn in before your next class, help me prepare for your next lesson. When I go over them, I see what points you are getting strong in and what you still need help on. If you don’t turn it in within the week, I have no idea where you are at, and it doesn’t help me prepare a lesson for you. I also cater the class to the students taste and needs, some students like to talk about the environment, and others want to talk about literature.

Questions: What kind of Essays do you assign?

Answer: Essays are there for students to practice thinking in Spanish and also to reinforce what we learned in class. The emphasis is on grammar, but I assign fun essays, like: “ Que Si Gane Un Milon de Dolares”. “If I won a million dollars what would  I do.”

Question: What if I go out of town on vacation or for work and I don’t see you for a few weeks?

Answer: I understand completely. We all have a life, but you can still turn in your assignments and continue studying independently. I can also assign new homework and so the process of learning Spanish doesn’t cease and you are constantly growing and expanding your linguistics skills. You want to keep the rhythm of learning Spanish even speaking a little bit each day helps.

Question: What about scheduling? Are you flexible?

Answer: Yes, I am flexible. I have different times and days I am available. Schedule requests should be sent via email, so there’s no confusion and there is a record.

Question:  What is your ideal student?

Answer: I like working with students that are enthusiastic and love the Spanish language. After that, I like students who put in the work, do their homework, keep close communication with me. I expect my students to be respectful and polite and in this way we can have harmonious and positive working relationship.

Question:  Do you keep track of student’s classes?

Answer: I keep track of student’s hours, homework assigned, material we learned in class and progress in the student’s pedagogical card. Each student gets a folder and I keep all their homework, quizzes, exams and pedagogical card in that folder.

Question: Do you follow a Syllabus or do you make lessons randomly?

Answer: I have a 8 Page Syllabus. I sometimes improvise and change with the student’s interest, needs and how fast or slow they are learning Spanish. Since classes can be catered, I also try and be flexible with what the student wants to learn.

Question: I think I’m a visual learner more than auditory or kinesthetic. Do you offer a Learning Assessment test?

Answer: Absolutely, yes, I teach Spanish lessons based on the student’s learning style. If you sign up for Private Classes, you will be required to take the assessment before your first class with me.

Question: What if I think I am Intermediate but not sure, do you provide Assessment?

Answer: Yes, I can provide a Language Assessment before the first class.

Question: If I am a lower- Beginner when I start taking Spanish classes with you, do you think that I will be able to become fluent after 20 classes?

Answer: You may not be able to become fluent in Spanish, but I can guarantee that you will achieve one level of proficiency each month, provided you do the homework and take the necessary actions to help you improve your written, oral and reading skills. It’s entirely up to you and how fast you catch on.

Question: How long will it take me to become fluent in Spanish?

Answer: If you start out as a Lower Beginner, it takes a good two years to become fluent in Spanish. This is also provided you take the necessary steps and make consistent and daily effort.

Question: What are your policies about refunds?

Answer: Student is eligible for a Refund after the 5th Class. You can also refer to my Policy page on this website.

Question: Do you have Group Classes as well ?

Answer: Yes, as my private student, you are also entitled to come to a Group Class for free.

Question:  How do your Group classes work and how can I enroll?

Answers: Group classes are ongoing throughout the year and contingent upon enrollments of at least 3 students.  Each Group Class runs about 5 weeks and there’s a set Agenda and Syllabus. Materials are provided, as well as online resources and homework. If you wish to enroll, you must fill out an application and send it to me before you attend your first class. I will give you a Card, that I will punch when you attend class.

Question: How do you handle enrollments and refunds for your Group Classes?

Answer: If you pay for your classes and for some reason you can not attend it’s the student’s responsibility to inform me in a timely manner by providing a written statement, usually within 3 months of purchase, otherwise, you will forfeit your classes and will not be entitled to a refund.  If you enroll and come to the first two classes and then can not continue because of unforeseen circumstances or time commitment,  it’s the student’s responsibility to  inform me. I will give a refund of 50 % of the amount of money owed.

Question: How many people do you have attending your Group Classes ? What level are they and does everyone get a chance to practice their Spanish?

Answer: Group Classes are held when there are 3 or more people interested in regularly attending.  I usually try to group Beginner level students together and make sure everyone has a chance to practice their Spanish.  Students are encouraged to follow class etiquette in that they let their classmates speak without helping them or interrupting them. Also if you are at a higher level of proficiency it’s important to be patient with your classmates that are at a lower Spanish level.

Question: How do refunds work for Private Classes?

Answer: If you purchase a Package of Classes and for some reason are unable to continue. after the 2nd to 5th Class, I will refund you 60 %. of the total amount owed for classes remaining. Students are entitled to a refund of 40 % after the 5th Class of Attendance. If you purchase a Package of 10 Classes and you have taken 6 Classes and have yet to complete 4 classes. I will owe  you 40% of the sum total amount of the 6 Classes owed.

Question: What is your cancellation Policy for Private Classes? What is your Cancellation for Group Classes?

Answer:  For Private classes, I have a flexible cancellation policy.  I am very understanding that things sometimes occur. If you have to cancel at the last minute, I do require that you call me and or text me, followed by email to inform me. However,  if last minute class cancellations become a repeated habit, you will have to eat your last class/es.

Question: What is your cancellation policy for Group Classes?

Answer: For Group Classes, since we need at least 3 students to have a class, I require that everyone makes a commitment and if they have to cancel or can’t make it because they are going to be out of town or they are sick, to please let me know in advance.








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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’d like to know where your classes are located and what days /times are your scheduled classes… Both group and private.



    1. Lady Sabrina says:

      Sure please call me on 213-454-1558 and we can go from there.


    2. Lady Sabrina says:

      Hola Jennifer,

      Just wondering if I answered your questions. Are you still interested in having Spanish Classes ? Please email me: thespanishguru4rockstars@gmail.com


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