Social Responsibility

Every year, The Spanish School will enroll 3 students to our scholarship program.  To enroll, fill out the  Enrollment Application. 

You must be under the age of 30 and have proof of low income status

Students are able to take classes on  donation basis. Suggested Donation based on students economic status.

Scholarship program for Latinos or Hispanic Heritage includes  the following:

This class is perfect for those who have been around the Spanish language as a child or grown up perhaps as a Native speaker or someone with Hispanic or Latino background and have skills to speak Spanish yet have trouble stringing a sentence without making mistakes. This class will help close the gaps in their Spanish so said student will be able to speak with fluency in all the grammar tenses:  Past, Future, Conditional, and Subjunctive.

10- 2 Hour Spanish Classes ( $145 per Class ) = $1450.00


  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Private One- on- One Tutelage
  • Weekly Catered Language Speaking Coaching


    • Mastery Support
    • Essay and Exam Correction


  • Homework Correction
  • Private Conversations during week on the phone ( to 15 mins.)
  • Progress Report After Each 5th, 10th,
  • 2 Exams- Exams are both Oral and Written
  • 2 Field Trips  Supervised Field Trips with Oral Assignment
  • Optional Cooking Classes whilst learning the Imperative


Also, in the near future, in 2019, during our Nicaragua Study Abroad trips you will have an opportunity to do charity work in Nicaragua.